Buildings consume 40% of primary energy and 70% of electricity in the United States annually. Additionally, the construction of buildings and their related infrastructure consume approximately 60% of all raw materials used in the U.S. economy. As such, it is imperative that we advance policies that improve the building sector, through pragmatic industry driven solutions. 

FY 2017 Appropriations Priorities

In March 2016, the Coalition released its FY2017 Appropriations Priorities that urges Congress to fund programs and policies that promote high performance buildings throughout the United States. This comprehensive list of suggestions can be found HERE.

114th Congress Policy Priorities

The High Performance Building Coalition identified its top 10 policy priorities for the 114th Congress. These priorities clearly lay out bi-partisan solutions and specific, industry-supported steps that Congress and the Administration should take. Additionally, we regularly meet with lawmakers and promote policies that advance high performance buildings.